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2009 McClellan Family Reunion

About George B. McClellan


George B McClellan was born in Morganton, NC, about five years before the end of slavery.  According to the family Bible, George was born in December, the exact year is not clear.  However, based on information provided by family members about his age at death, George was born around 1862.  His mother and father are not officially known.  He was said to have 2 sisters; one named Catherine (Aunt Dot), the other sister's name is unknown.
George B Mcclellan's first wife was named Julia Pheiffer.  Of this union, four children were born;
 Hardy McClellan, Sr.
 Hattie McClellan
 Benjamin McClellan
 Sammy Clay McClellan
Julia died at the approximate age of thirty (30), of what was called in those days consumption. 

George B McClellan with four children to raise, met a wonderful young lady named Maggie Folk of Boone, NC.  This meeting was said to have taken place near Mt. Ash.  George and Maggie were united in Holy Matrimony January 5, 1898. when Maggie was 18 years of age.  Of this union were born 5 children:
   Irene McClellan
   Chester McClellan

George B McClellan was fatally injured (burned) in a coal mine accident in Fondie, Kentucky when his daughter, Wilmetta, was eight years of age.  He survived three days after the accident and died at the early age of fifty-four (54).  Five days after his death, Maggie gave birth to a still born child.  Both father and child were buried in the same tomb, March 25, 1916.
Maggie Folk McClellan was born November 1, 1879, and died March 9, 1967 at the blessed age of eighty-eight in LaFollette, TN.

In researching the McClellan's family history, Cecily McClellan (Daughter of Hardy McClellan Jr., granddaughter of Hardy McClellan, Sr., great grand daughter of George B McClellan) was told that Avery was the actual given name of George B McClellan's mother.  Because of anger of forced maternity (rape) by slave owner, his mother changed her surname and named her baby George B McClellan.  Based on Cecily's research, there is validity to the surname Avery.  In Burke County, where George is said to have been born, there were over 300 Black slaves owned by five white families with surname Avery.


George B McClellan and his second wife, Maggie Folk McClellan surrounded by pictures from both families.