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Do you own a digital camera?
Do you save your digital images onto your computer which takes up a lot of space on your hard drive?  What will happen to your precious images/memories if your computer hard drive crashes?
Do you keep buying memory cards for your camera to take more pictures?
Do you have boxes and boxes of developed pictures that you've been saving for years? and are they gradually fading or loosing their color?  What if there were a fire or flood?

I market this service for people who have lots of albums and boxes of photos that are old and are slowly fading away,  like I used to.
For years, I've been saving photos in picture albums and boxes and I tried to organize them in photo albums to protect them from ripping, bending, and fading.  My 90 year old mother also has many old photos in albums and boxes that are fading away.  My mother and I both tried different types of photo albums to help organize and preserve all those precious memories. 
Then I found this service which made it much easier to get those photos digitized, saved, secured, and protected from fading any further.   I now have over a thousand photos on my secure and free website and I'm still adding more.  I don't have to worry anymore about any damage or loss to all those memories. 
I decied to purchase a digital camera to make my life even easier to continue the tradition of capturing those special moments for my grandchildren.  I just upload my images from my memory card into organized albums on my website, then I erase my memory card and reuse it so that I don't have the expense of continually buying more memory cards.  I can go online to request prints when I need them and share with friends and family those images that I think they would like to view via email.  When I need a special gift, I just go online to my website select the photo and the gift that I want to personalize and send it to the person I purchased it for.  It's that easy.
Do you know anyone who would like to know about a service this this?

Protect your precious memories by saving them on Photomax.  There is no charge for signing up and keeping your images safe.  Why use Photomax?
  • Images are secure and backed up nightly
  • Your website account is free and you get 20 free prints and a free 8x10 photo.
  • Your own userid and password will keep your images private and secure
  • Easily share any of your photos with family and friends via e-mail
  • Save on memory cards as you'll be able to reuse your memory cards after uploading to your website

Sign up for your free account and get 20 prints and an 8x10 photo for Free at

Thank you for visiting my web site!