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G3 - Fruit from Heaven

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G3 - Super Fruit Juice
I market this product for people who are concerned about their health and who dislike taking vitamin pills or supplements to get the proper amount of anti-oxidants, like I used to.
Before using this product, I was taking about 8 daily supplements/vitamins to get the right anti-oxidant levels. 
Then I tried this product which I've been using for about 5 years now.  I don't take as many supplements/vitamins, it's in liquid form and it tastes great, too.  Since I only have to drink about 4 oz/day, I mix it with juice and have it with my breakfast so that I don't forget.  To my surprise, its great in helping to prevent colds too.  I drank it everyday for about a year and I didn't have a cold for over a year.  It was one of my relatives who actually pointed out to me how she had a really bad cold and began drinking G3.  She told me the juice made her feel much better and her cold was gone in a few days.  I stopped drinking the juice everyday for about a month or more and guess what, I got a cold.  I just had to see if it really worked.  I began drinking the juice again everyday and I felt much better. I haven't had a cold in a long time.  This juice is well worth the price.
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G3 Super Fruit

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G3 Super Fruit Products

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