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My Favorite Products

Calming Touch, Liquid Body Bar, and Perennial Moisturizer

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Calming Touch

I market this product for people with dry patches of skin or skin rashes that itch and may leaves ugly scars as they heal, like I used to.
I went to several doctors and tried different products with cortizone creme that would burn my skin and make ugly scars. 
Then I tried this product.  It calmed the itching, did not burn my skin and gently healed the rash leaving no signs that it was ever there.  Best of all it's so gentle that I used it on my grandson's face who had baby acne.  His skin was clear in about two weeks leaving no signs of baby acne.
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Liquid Body Bar 

Perennial Intense Body Moisturizer


I market these products for people with itchy dry skin, especially after taking a shower, like I used to.


Before using Liquid Body Bar, my skin would feel dry and itchy within 15 to 30 minutes after taking a shower.  Then I tried this product, along with Perennial Lotion and now my skin no longer feels dry, itchy, or scaly.  


I was so happy with both products that I gave them as gifts to a few of my closest relatives.  Within 2 months, my 80+ year old aunt and my 50 something year old brother-in-law called me and wanted to purchase the Liquid Body bar.  Both of them told me they suffered from dry itchy skin, and  were absolutely thrilled that this product eliminated that dry itchy feeling.  They’ve been using the Liquid Body Bar for over a year now and they’ve both given up trying other brands of body wash/soap.


Do you know anyone who would like to know about products like these?

Epoch Calming Touch

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Liquid Body Bar

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Perennial Body Moisturizer

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