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Save with Automatic Delivery (ADR)

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Save with Automatic Delivery (ADR)
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To save money on the purchase any of my favorite products, then ADR (Automatic Delivery) may be right for you.  Your products will be delivered to you on a monthly basis or every other month so that you don't run out.  You choose.  You may cancel ADR orders at any time by calling 1-800-487-1000
A few advantages of ADR:
Purchase at the wholesale price
Reduced shipping rate no matter how many items you order

Earn ADR Reward points - Points are earned on a monthly basis every time an ADR order is shipped to you.  Points can be used to buy products for free.  I use my points to purchase gifts for friends and family. I also use points to try different products to see if they work for me.

More details about ADR, click here.


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