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Welcome to my web site!

I am an independent distributor of several products and services and I want to introduce you to my best and most beneficial. 
I've used many different products and services in the past and I find that these are the best and have become my favorite.  I will share with you how these products and services are a benefit to me.  Who knows, they may work great for you like they work for me.
I'll start with my favorite service:

  • Pre-Paid legal service:
When I need an attorney, I call my provider law firm.  Who will you call?
Have you...
thought about writing or revising your will?
been audited by the IRS?
purchased a home?
been a defendant in a civil lawsuit?
signed a contract of any kind?
paid a bill you thought was unfair?
received an inaccurate credit report?
received a moving traffic violation you thought was unjustified?
had any type of legal question?   
The only service like this in the USA, that makes the legal system available to the average person or family.
Another service that I love is the protection I get with Identity Theft Shield. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA, and now I feel more secure knowing that if my identity is ever stolen, I have a provider law firm on my side and Kroll will restore my identity.

  • Skin Care Products by NuSkin:
I have a few skin care products that work very well for me.  I've been using these products for over 5 years now.  You may find that these products will work very well for you like they have for me.  Click on the link name to learn more about each one.
Epoch Calming Touch - good for targetted skin conditions/rashes like eczema,  itchy bumps, and even minor insect bites.
Perennial Body Moisturizer - great for moisturizing the body after taking a shower/bath.  Helps prevents dry skin.

Liquid Body Bar - doesn't leave skin dry after taking a shower or bath.

G3 Super Fruit Juice - this is a super fruit juice drink.  I love this product. It's better than taking a vitamin C supplement.  Drinking this juice keeps me from catching a cold.

There are more products you may be interested in.  Click here to learn more about other products, then click on products tab to view a list by category.

Thank you for visiting my web site!